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Get VA'S for as low as $5 an hour

Our Services


Professional Virtual Assistants who remotely manage the day-to-day finances of a firm. We help keep your finances up to date so that you can focus on crucial tasks and grow your business.

Real Estate VA Services

Skilled Virtual Assistants that handle real estate transaction coordination, closing coordination, and standard business operations like cold calling, lead generation, finance tracking, website development, marketing, and database management.

Customer Support Management

Studio Portrait

Professional Virtual Assistants who can take on virtual customer support tasks, such as answering enquiries on social media, dealing with concerns, following up on appointments, and more. We can help maintain your brand image and improve your relationship with customers.

Sales Marketing

Experienced Virtual Assistants who manage the company's online presence, and to create, manage, update and use all social media platforms to generate leads. 


Socializing Online

Professional Virtual Assistants who talk to potential customers on the phone and selling products or soliciting donations. This includes tracking customer contact lists, explaining the benefits or advantages of their services, and obtaining payment information if necessary.

Social Media Management

Experienced Virtual Assistants who plan, implement, manage, and monitor company's Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and increase sales.

Drafting Services

Team Project

Skilled and Professional Virtual Assistants who collaborate with architects and engineers, using CAD software to create detailed technical plans, this include calculation of dimensions, description of production methods, and to ensure compliance with regulations. 

Administrative VA Services

Professional Virtual Assistants who plan, direct, and coordinate activities that help an organization run efficiently. This includes maintaining facilities, and supervising activities that include record keeping, mail distribution, and office upkeep.

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